Welcome back to Rose McIver Online – Rose-McIver.Com!

Welcome back to Rose McIver Online – Rose-McIver.Com!

Hello roses, and welcome back to Rose McIver Online! I’m so excited to finally have the site back up and running, as I have been missing it dearly in the time it’s been on hiatus. As you might see, we have a new theme! The old one had been up for around 5 (?) years, so it was definitely time for a change. With the fall being upon us, my talented friend Neide made us this gorgeous fall-themed header – and I hope you all like it as much as I do! A new gallery theme is currently in the making as well, and I hope to have that one up sometime next week.

So what’s new? First up, I have re-organized and updated our press archives. I’ve gone through all the old posts to categorize them properly, so that you can now browse by year, category, project, different tags and so on. There’s also a *ton* of new additions – I have gone through my entire magazine collection and typed up every single article and interview I could find of Rose, so our library now contains more than 100 articles! Many are exclusive to the site, and I think there will be some brand new things in there for many of you – especially the earlier ones, as several of those were not available on the web before to my knowledge.

Secondly, I finally re-did our video archive! Returning visitors might remember that we used to have one a few years back, but a script issue made it too hard to maintain. We’ve been on YouTube since, but I personally prefer to have an archive like this instead. It’s now much more organized, and you won’t have to browse through a bunch of random videos to find the Rose ones you’re looking for! I have also added several videos not available on our YouTube, such as episode clips from Rose’s guest spot on “I’m Sorry”, her old TV and film appearances, film clips and more. I still have more than 200 videos waiting to be added, so stay tuned for several adds in the coming days. I will also continue to add videos throughout the day between Ghosts updates, so expect it to grow quickly!

Our gallery has more than 20,000 new files, including rare old photoshoot outtakes, conventions screen caps, iZombie/Woke/I’m sorry screen caps and much more! I have also updated our biography to be up-to-date on Rose’s career. That’s it for the completed updates for now, but I have some major ones still waiting to be shared. Originally I wanted to have everything 100% ready before re-launching, but with Ghosts premiering tonight I thought it would be better to open the site now – this way I can post everything surfacing related to Rose or the show, as hopefully we’ll be getting some more interviews, videos or photos! So, I will be saving three of our big new launches a few days… The new plan is to launch them for Rose’s birthday this Sunday (unless we get a ton of content in the next few days, as then I might just save it for next week when the premiere buzz dies down a bit!) – stay tuned.

Written by Sara

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