I grew up just outside of Auckland – at the beach. It is beautiful and communal and the air is fresh. I love our sense of humor as kiwis and its so nice to head home to some peace and quiet.

I was always mad on Simba and Nala, and the genie from “Aladdin.” There are so many eclectic and three dimensional characters in Disney’s classics. Definitely a big influence on me. (On growing up with Disney films”)

I play guitar and sing. I also write in various forms, stories, poems, and more recently screenplays. I am a good baker – much better at baking than at cooking dinners – I like diligently following a recipe.

I have lived in so many homes in the last few years with traveling so I have learned to adapt. My mum Annie McIver is a brilliant sculptor and potter so I like to have some of her work around no matter where I am.

I love to start the day with exercise. Running is normally my go-to, or I will hike or do yoga or an exercise class. It clears my head and wakes me up for the day.

I have really enjoyed dipping my toe into comedy in the last couple of years – only really in a small capacity though so that’s something I would like to pursue. My tendency though has always been towards drama, I like stories rife with conflict and tension and suspense. Stories and characters that are put in all manner of psychologically challenging situations. I like to generate ethical questions in an audience.

I’m glad I now have an environment in LA where I have friends and a life there. But it certainly is such a treat to come home and spend time with family and friends.

It’s great being an auntie but I don’t think I’ve quite met my obligations for babysitting duty yet. I think I’ve got a bit of an IOU hanging over me. (On becoming an Auntie)

I used to nanny a lot in high school and it’s so lovely to have a family member to spend time with, because I was always falling in love with other people’s children. Now I’m falling in love with my own nephew!

I find myself looking at baby clothes in LA and everyone says, ‘Are you clucky?’ and I say, ‘No, I’ve got a nephew and a niece.’ Marley’s wearing a baby T-shirt now that says, ‘My aunt is the best’. It’s a low-key number – I don’t know who could have got it for her.

One day I’d love to be a mum, but it’s something that would be quite a long way away for me.

We like to rark each other up and we have a high tolerance for teasing. I have to remember that when I’m with people I don’t know so well. (On her family)

The other day I was sitting at a café in LA, and someone came over and sat at the table next to me. There was a half-drunk coffee on the table and I said, ‘Feel free to finish that.’ “I was being silly, obviously, but the person looked at me disapprovingly, as if I thought they were homeless or something. That’s such a New Zealand thing to have that kind of rapport with someone you don’t know. But that kind of humour doesn’t necessarily fly with people in the US.

Some kids played hockey in their school holidays and I just worked. Acting was always more of a hobby than a serious pursuit.

I crave knowledge. So studying seems like the obvious thing to do while I can, while I have no dependents.

I don’t really want to sit around waiting for work. I’d rather make things happen.

I don’t think I’m a big planner. I’d rather be able to just go with things as they happen. I don’t really know what I’m doing for the next few months and years and I don’t really have any desire to know. I think I’d be much more restless if I was chasing it desperately and wanting all these things.

I enjoy acting at the moment but I don’t know if it’s what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. I’ll see how it goes and let that decide for me. I’m not a very decisive person.

I remember being desperate for the toilet and they said I wasn’t allowed to because it looked cute and my character needs to go to the toilet. So they kept it in, it was a bit of method acting. I remember feeling the injustice even at that age. (On her commercial gig at age 2)

My parents have always been quick to remind me that I’m like everyone else. When I’d come home I’d be expected to pick up my washing. And I’ve never been told acting is an unrealistic thing to do or that I’m wasting my time, which has given me quite a lot of faith in myself.”

It’s such an honor to play a fairy tale icon. I’m always taken aback when I think about how fortunate I am to be able to inhabit such a delightful character on this show. We have such a great cast and crew and I have been having a lot of fun. (On “Once Upon a Time”)

I love vintage dresses. I like classic feminine garments and then occasionally I will break it up with something structural like a chunky coat or cute shorts. I often work with a brilliant stylist, Devon Nuszer.

My Rachel Comey black ankle boots [is my favorite thing to wear]. They are beautiful and incredibly easy to pair with anything.

I’m definitely proud to wear Kiwi fashion. I get lots of questions about my clothes. On Light Years people would say, ‘Where are those pants from?’ and I’d say ‘New Zealand, but you can get them online!’

Emily Miller-Sharma from Ruby and Liam contributed some clothes to the wardrobe. I’ve always been a huge fan of theirs. (On the wardrobe on “Brightest Star”)

I’m not one to dress up. Actually my worst nightmare is feeling overdressed.

“We look quite similar! and eventually we’re going to remake ‘The Parent Trap’ and swap lives.” (on practicing each other’s accents with Saoirse Ronan)

“My fingerprints didn’t read on the machine because I’d used some really intense bleach at home. At least I got the blood out of my carpet.” (On entering the US)

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