Wizard World Chicago 2016

Rose McIver Meets ‘Soul Mate’ in Capuchin Monkey at Wizard World Convention[/caption]During the weekend of 20th and 21st of August (2016), Rose attended the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, where she did photo ops, autographs and panels. During the convention, Rose also visited the “Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary” (photo to the right!) where she got to meet and befriend Lucian, a Black tufted capuchin, who has been rescued by the sanctuary. “Lucian was rescued by Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, a wonderful non profit organization that basically takes these guys out of weirdos homes,” Rose shared on Instagram. “I’m infatuated.”

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What We Learned

1. Rose hates the taste of the yucky gelatin brain substance, so she uses a spit bucket!
2. In Season 3, we will get to see Liv as a dominatrix and a hippie.
3. It takes about 1.5 hours for Rose to get into full zombie makeup.
4. It takes about 1.5 hours for the makeup crew to tame Rahul Kohli’s hair.
5. Her favorite “brain” was the magician, mostly because she got to learn the magic tricks and loved it.
6. Season 3 will start about 3 minutes after the ending of the Season 2 finale.
7. Brain she would most want to eat? Steven Avery, so she could finally learn the truth.
8. She would love to do a crossover with The Flash or the other CW superhero shows, because Liv is a hero too!
9. Her favorite shows growing up were Full House, Simpsons, The Nanny and Friends.
10. She is delightful. (That was our observation, but still. FACT!) (Credit)