San Diego Comic-Con 2016

On July 21st and 22nd, Rose and her iZombie co-star headed to San Diego Comic-Con international for their third time! Rose kicked off the 2016 convention by being a guest at Syfy’s “Live From Comic-Con” on stage show on July 21st, hosted by Arnett. Rose was on the show with Zachary Levi and Alan Tudyk. The following day, she joined up with her iZombie cast mates for the panel, which you can watch below. Rose wasn’t at the convention as long as the previous two years in 2016, but we still got an ample amount of new content.

On the 22nd, the cast attended a string of events leading up to the big panel (which was held at 5:00 PM). The held a fan signing, attended a photocall, visited EW Radio (which you can listen to below) and more. You can find links to all the photos in our gallery below.



Q&A Best of 2016 –

Talk Nerdy with us:
What was your favorite brain last season?
Which is your favorite parent? (laughs). It’s a little like that to me because there are so many different things that appeal to each one. In terms of including myself, as a human, the magician brain was really fun to play. I got to see behind the curtain of magician tricks and I can impress my niece and nephew now. But in terms of being on set, the erotic literature writer – the sexy librarian – was hilarious. We had so much fun. I just wind Rahul up. Doing that with him and Malcolm was a very silly opportunity. So, there is a different person for each brain. In what show can you ever say that?

What goes through your mind when you find out who you will be each week?
It’s a very fast turnaround so time is very limited. Usually, the internet is a great resource and I have friends who work in different industries, which has been really helpful. I’ve got friends who are paramedics, sign language interpreters, etc. They do all sorts of jobs. There are people I can ask for help and sometimes that is great rather than bouncing it off another actor, another creative. It’s nice to get someone on the ground seeing these things. Then, it’s sort of improv in some ways. We play on the day and work it as we go. We have to make really fast decisions. That’s sort of what I love about it. It’s quite free like that.

What was your favorite episode of last season?
I thought our finale was pretty great! I loved our finale! It was definitely a change of tone in some ways, but what I think is so great about these guys is they are intuitive. I love that we brought those comedic elements and brought them into these high stakes. It just worked really well to go out with stunts and for us to explore the zombie thing. We had Rob Thomas, the singer, which was so fun. It had a lot of elements that I thought made it pretty special.

EW Radio

Rose and her iZombie co-stars were interviewed by EW Radio during the convention. They argued over who the best rapper on the cast is – find out who they think by listening to the interview below. Maybe we’ll get to hear some of Rose’s famous lyrics on the show eventually? We can certainly hope!

What we learned

The panel started with a season two highlight reel (watch it below!). Liv as a superhero, a burping bro, an exotic danger, a gambling addict, a magician, a oversexed erotica writer, and a furious old curmudgeon. Rob Thomas name-dropping. Ravi and Peyton’s memorable makeout scene. Blaine’s capture of major, his assasination by Mr. Boss, and subsequent rising among frightened girl scouts. And of course, that cliffhanger. “Are you with us? Or against us?” What an amazing season it was.

1) Rob Thomas says that the main complaint from Season 2 is still that they killed off Lowell in Season 1. The creators know people are upset about Lowell, but he is truly dead.
2) There will be more likable characters introduced, more recurring characters like Ken Marino.
3) Rose says that the taste of the brains has definitely improved.
4) Rose didn’t want to be a diva in the beginning so she didn’t complain about the brains – but the boys did! She says the guys were “such babies” about the jelly brains/hot sauce combo they have to eat.
5) Next season will have two-part episode with Liv and Clive solving a crime in one ep and Peyton prosecuting it in the next
6) David want #iZombie to cross over with #GameofThrones. Aly says she wants #ScreamQueen. Rose wants one with Whose Line Is It Anyway.
7) Rose asked that #iZombie fans start/support this hashtag: #FullFrontalForRahul
8) Rob says Mr. Boss’ storyline will go away for the beginning of the season. They want to go elsewhere. He’ll return down the line.
9) Twitter was most upset about Minor being abandoned. Diane assures he reunited with his newly freed owner.
10) A lot of the season will revolve around Fillmore Graves and Vivian.
11) Vivian Stoll’s impact on Liv will be evident in the second act of the premiere.
12) They have already planned the season finale!
13) Everyone will be on the same page at the beginning of the season. There will be no secrets.
14) Rob Thomas and David Anders both admit that they didn’t think that Blaine would live through two seasons.
15) Liv will eat a dominatrix’s brain next season on #iZombie. “She’s going to be the BEST dom,” says Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Her safe word will be Ficus according to producers.
16) Rob says in season 3 Major is on the hunt for Natalie! He wants to find her and fulfill the promise he made her.
17) If Rahul had to eat brains, he’d eat them in a green curry sauce. Rob would eat them deep fried. Malcolm, in Mac and cheese. Aly would eat brain nachos, Rose would do brain chili.
18) Lots of singing went on with the iZombie cast! “Broken Glass,” Yentl and more
19) Rose loves all the different things she learns from playing different brains, but didn’t enjoy the racist brain. She did feel it was a good thought exercise, and it made her consider what makes people think that way.
20) Dianne: Gryffindor; David: Slytherin; Rahul: Gryffindor; Rob: Hufflepuff; Aly and Rose: Gryffindor
21) Liv & Ravi performed “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” in the country singer ep but it got cut for time
22) Rahul made sure to come along with Rose and Aly when they filmed at the strip club in Season 2.
23) There will be a new wig this season for Rose as Liv! “We’re excited how it’s going to look. It’s going to be even better.” – Rose.
24) Rose can’t bleach her hair for real, describes her hair as a “bail of hay hot glued to her scalp”.
25) Rob says we’re going to get a morally complex character and we want her to be tough and bad-ass. *Vivian.
26) Rose says she loves interacting with fans on social media and the fans dressing up as their characters.


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