San Diego Comic-Con 2015

On July 10, Rose and her iZombie co-stars attended the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.

Rose’s second San Diego Comic Con was held almost a month after the season finale of the first iZombie season in 2016. By then, iZombie had built up quite an impressive fanbase, and everyone was buzzing for the convention to kick off! And what an amazing start to the weekend they got… The cast attended the MTV Fandom Awards in San Diego the day before the convention, where they picked up the award “Best New Fandom”. (To the right: Photo of Rose dedicating the award to the fans. All photos of the cast accepting it can be found in our gallery here.)

And then the fun began! Unlike in 2014, Rose only attended the convention on one day (July 10). But oh did she keep busy. She managed to attend the iZombie panel and fan signing, appeared at SiriusXMs EW Radio Showwas in the Photo Booth and did a total of 3 different portrait session, visited the Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht, and last but not least: the Warner Bros. Television’s Comic-Con 2015 Cocktail Media Mixer (with Leah Pipes from The Originals and Emily Bett Rickards from Arrow). And then there were all the interviews… (you can check out screen captures from pretty much all the interviews Rose made in our master post here). Watch them all in the playlist below!

One kind soul uploaded the entire iZombie panel to youtube for us, so that we who were sadly stuck on the other site of the world and couldn’t attend in person, could watch it online!

What we learned

iZombie” season 2 will be back on The CW on Oct. 15 but fans of the zombie procedural show from “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas are already excited about what will happen to their favorite characters. Along with Thomas, some of the cast members of the show held a panel discussion at the 2015 Comic Con and below are some of the details they dished.

1. Peyton will be back.
There were doubts about Aly Michalka’s return to the show for the second season before the first one closed.

Speaking of Michalka’s involvement in the show’s upcoming installment, Thomas told Inquisitr: “We adore Aly and we think the show is better when she’s in it… [But] because she’s not a series regular, we can’t control her schedule. We can hope that when we write these episodes for her, that she can and will do them.”

Michalka, however, has confirmed that she will definitely return on the show. “I couldn’t leave Peyton hanging and not come back,” the actress said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “How could I not come back? … I would like to learn more about Peyton in her personal life outside of being a roommate to Liv (Rose McIver) … see where her relationship with Ravi (Rahul Kohli) goes.”

2. Blaine and Liv will be friends.
Apart from Michalka’s return, fans can also expect an odd relationship between Liv and Blaine in the upcoming season.

Speaking of the story arc, Thomas shared, according to Entertainment Weekly: “The zombies on the offensive in season 1 are going to be on the defensive. It will make strange bedfellows of Blaine and Liv, who are both concerned about the dwindling zombies in season 2.”

3. It’s going to be a depressing season.
The first season ended on a sad note. Major (Robert Buckeley) found out about Liv’s condition and was not happy about it. Liv refused to donate blood to her brother, who was severely hurt because of the explosion on Blaine’s brains-on-wheels business headquarters. The beginning of season 2, according to Thomas, will not differ much in terms of the tone.

4. Liv will sing!
To compensate for all the sadness the upcoming season will bring, McIver promised, “I’m getting my guitar back out and I’ve got a few things I sing.”

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Our own magazine!

After the convention, we created our own magazine with all the new information and looks, inspired by our partner site Jamie Dornan Online. We called it “McIver Monthly”, as the original plan was to make it a monthly feature at the site. But with our site crashing shortly after, and our main “editor” had to leave our site staff, we only ever created that one issue. We now think of it as our very own SDCC 2015 special! You can find JPG versions below, or you can browse it as an online magazine here.

Screen Captures

During the convention, Rose attended several round table interviews, red carpet interviews and more. In our photo gallery, you can find an extensive collection of screen captures from all the different ones! You can find links to all below.


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