OZ Comic-Con Melbourne 2016

On June 11-12, 2016, Rose attended the OZ Comic-Con in Melbourne. During Rose’s panel, David Anders crashed it to sing the opening title of iZombie with her (watch a video of it in our playlist below). Rose also talked about how she would love a crossover between iZombie and The Flash, where she and Grant Gustin will just run the whole episode. She was also asked questions about her time on Once Upon a Time. She said her favorite scene to film as Tinkerbell was the one where Tink confronts Regina, and when asked about Robin Hood’s death she said she thinks Tink would be very disappointed.

Rose McIver will attend the ‘Oz Comic-Con‘ event in Melbourne on 11-12 June, 2016 (Australia).

Fans of CW procedural/mild horror/dramedy iZombie have double the reason to get excited for the upcoming Oz Comic-Con event in Melbourne as Kiwi actress and show star Rose McIver has been newly announced on the line-up alongside previous inclusion and co-star David Anders.

Fans will have the chance to get a photo with both McIver and Anders as part of the iZombie Duo photo package, while tickets are also available to join the pair at an iZombie fan dinner.


Rose at OZ Comic-Con Melbourne 2016 – Day 1

Rose at OZ Comic-Con Melbourne 2016 – Day 2