Favorite books: She has so many! One is The Secret History by Donna Tartt
Favorite movies: Groundhog Day, Sister act 2, Cape Fear, Magnolia, Grease and Lost in Translation (among many more)
Favorite game: Crash bandicoot 3
Favorite TV shows: Kath and Kim, The Simpsons, The Office and Seinfeld
Favorite contemporary authors: Wally Lamb, Barbara Kingsolver, Donna Tartt and Margaret Atwood
Favorite element on the periodic table: Magnesium
Favorite superpower: Being able to fly
Favorite Disney movies: Aladdin and The Lion King
Favorite thriller movie: Cape fear
Favorite singers growing up: Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchell
Favorite quote: ‘follow your bliss’ – Joseph Campbell
Favorite song (April 2015): Mountain Lion by George Byrne
Favorite song (May 2015): Blaze foley – if only i could fly
Favorite time of the year: New Zealand summer
Favorite hobbies: Acting, reading, writing, running, cooking
Favorite food/thing to cook: Chicken with lentils and broccolini
Favorite lunch: Marmite on vogels toast with watermelon
Favorite french word: Pamplemousse
Favorite swear word: “Rats”
Favorite country: New Zealand
Favorite animal: Chimpanzees
Favorite pizza topping: Cheese
Favorite Disney princess: Jasmine
Favorite OUAT princess: Snow white
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite emoji: The smiley face with heart eyes
Favorite island: her home – North island of New Zealand
Favorite singer: Joni Mitchell or Harry Belafonte
Favorite warm drink: Chai Latte
Favorite place on earth: Piha, New Zealand
Favorite movie director: Andrea Arnold, Karen Moncrieff, Harry Sinclair, the Dardenne Bros.
Favorite contemporary author: Wally Lamb, Donna Tartt, Margaret Atwood and Barbara Kingsolver
Favorite soda: Ginger ale
Favorite thing about comic cons: Meeting her fans

Written by and for Rose McIver Online, please do not re-post it anywhere. Sources: Rose’s twitter account, interviews, talk show appearances.

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