Ghosts 1×03 “Viking Funeral” Trailer + Clips

Ghosts 1×03 “Viking Funeral” Trailer + Clips

Hello roses! The CBS have released 4 preview clips for the next Ghosts episode, titled “Viking Funeral“, and I’ve merged them all into one YouTube playlist for easier viewing. You can watch them all below! For those who want to see a trailer for the episode, but not have it spoiled by watching full lenght clips, the official teaser can be found below the playlist. I can’t wait – it looks like it’s going to be fun! HQ episode stills was added last week, and can be found here.

Ghosts 1×03 “Viking Funeral” Season 1 Episode 3 Promo – When Thorfinn’s bones are discovered on the Woodstone property, he asks Sam to conduct the traditional Viking funeral he’s always wanted. However, Sam and Jay are torn when they learn that the bones could be sold to a museum for a lot of much-needed cash. Also, the ghosts conduct an election for a “ghost representative” to bring issues to Sam, on GHOSTS, Thursday, October 14th on CBS, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

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