Birthday Celebration #02: New Career Archives!

Birthday Celebration #02: New Career Archives!

Hello Rose fans! I’m very excited to share with you our brand new career archives – containing more than 100 pages dedicated to Rose’s films, TV shows, short films, music videos, plays, magazine features and talk show appearances! I’ve been working on it for weeks, so I’m very happy to finally have it online. All our old career pages have been moved over, but I have also added a ton new ones – many contains exclusive content created specifically for Rose McIver Online, which means it’s information, trivia, quotes and media you won’t find anywhere else on the web!

This update was of course supposed to be posted yesterday in celebration of Rose’s birthday, but due to a wifi issue I was unable to get the final things ready in time. However, it’s launched now – and I hope you’ll all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! Check it out at this link.

Written by Sara

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