Birthday Celebration #01: Exclusive outtakes from SDCC

Birthday Celebration #01: Exclusive outtakes from SDCC

It’s October 10th, which means it’s our favorite ray of sunshine’s birthday! Rose turns 33 years old today, and we will of course celebrate here at Rose McIver Online. I have quite a few updates planned, but before we take some time to honor Rose and her impressive career for the big day, I wanted to give her fans a little something to celebrate first. I have been able to acquire some absolutely gorgeous outtakes of Rose from the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, previously not available anywhere on the web, and they have now been added to our gallery! I’ve always loved this set, so I’m excited to have such a big batch to share with you.

Please do not re-post these anywhere else without a clear linkback to us, as they are exclusive to Rose McIver Online. But I hope you enjoy them here at the site – have fun browsing these stunning new additions to our gallery!

Written by Sara

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